• 供電電源(V/Hz): 220V-380V
  • 總耗電量(Kw): 7.4-8.8
  • 鍋爐容量(Lt): 蒸氣鍋7Lt 咖啡鍋0.6Lt
  • 加熱功率(Kw) : 蒸氣鍋3.6W 咖啡鍋 1.4W *2-3
  • 尺寸(寬x深x高)(mm):794 x 612 x 484
  • 淨重(公斤) : 71-90
  • 供貨方式: 現貨

An extraordinary blend of iconic design by Giugiaro Design, cutting-edge technology, and traditional features, it was especially built to provide baristas absolute freedom to express their art.

A new hydraulic circuit with GTi infusion control system that guarantees both high-precision infusion and perfect coffee brew-time regulation.

the choice of working manually or of using the digital control system, with its integrated touchscreen display brings remarkable flexibility and technical innovation to the world of traditional coffee machines.

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